Oil analysis

Imagine, your machine park consists of 300 machines. This involves 4 laboratories that provide oil analyzes, each with its own layout. The result is that you receive and have to interpret different ways of reporting.


In order to achieve standardization in this regard, CMSE can have all oil analyzes carried out for you on your lubricating oils, greases and hydraulic fluids. All samples are diagnosed exclusively by experienced tribologists. The laboratory that performs the oil analysis is equipped with the most modern analytical equipment.


CMSE can arrange sampling for you or provide you with cost effective and easy to use kits. The samples can then be sent to the laboratory, with a standard processing time of 24 hours from receipt. If (potentially) risky situations are encountered during the analyzes, CMSE will immediately inform you by telephone or email so that you can take measures.


CMSE ensures that all oil analyzes are accessible via one oil monitoring system. Because you have one oil monitoring system, you can monitor the data. From now on, with one oil monitoring system you will have an overview of all oil analyzes that have been performed.


At the first delivery of the oil analyzes you are entitled to follow a specific training about your oil analyzes. If you are interested, please contact us.