Independent expert

In case of disputes regarding lubrication matters, choose an independent expert.

As an independent expert, Mr R. Steffens assists lawyers, clients and the court in disputes arising related to lubrication-related matters. Disputes in the oil trade or in the industry often run for months before someone decides to engage an independent expert. In the meantime, you have already tried solutions that may have weakened your position. If a dispute appears to be arising, you better seek advice as soon as possible.


Expert report

If the court lacks knowledge that is essential to the decision of the dispute, an expert's report is required. A report may also be necessary because a party may provide evidence or counter-evidence. For an expert report, Mr. R. Steffens has done extensive research. What is the exact situation that led to the conflict? Is there damage? If so, can it be proven? If damage has been found, what caused it? The results of the comprehensive investigation are recorded in the expert report.


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