Activities that CMS Engineering carries out include:

  1. The (re)design, analysis, implementation and / or maintenance of maintenance programs related to lubrication maintenance and condition monitoring.
  2. Selling and / or renting peripheral equipment such as oil conditioning systems and oil monitoring systems.
  3. Emptying, inspecting, filling and adjusting oil systems and reservoirs.

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CMS Engineering provides 1 on 1 training that focuses on tribology. The training courses  provide new insights into all aspects of tribology that determine the life, performance and reliability of machines and their components.


Failures, leaks, contamination of lubricants, broken equipment / parts. All situations where quick and efficient action is necessary. CMS Engineering has the right knowledge, experience and equipment to assist you in emergency situations. 

Independent expert

As an independent expert, Mr R. Steffens of CMS Engineering assists lawyers, clients and the court in disputes arising related to lubrication-related matters.

Oil analysis

CMS Engineering can offer you standardization by having all oil analyzes performed for you on your lubricating oils, greases and hydraulic fluids and by securing them in one oil monitoring system. This way you work with one system in which you have an overview of all oil analyzes that have been performed.